Tammy Hembrow Under Fire for ‘Reckless’ Bikini Snaps

Tammy Hembrow, an Australian-based social media star, emphasized in a TikTok video the importance of annual skin cancer screenings. Confessing in the footage, the model revealed that she recently underwent surgery to remove a “chunk” of her leg after doctors found melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Tammy Hembrow
Credit: YouTube

Tammy Hembrow started the video by revealing the extent of the melanoma removal from her leg. She recounted the recent procedure to remove skin cancer from her leg, saying, “Okay, so I want to show you guys the chunk they had to take out of my leg because of the melanoma that I have. It was melanoma, which spreads very quickly and is very dangerous [and] can be very deadly if it spreads.”


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Expressing gratitude for the timely skin cancer screening, Hembrow encouraged her followers to prioritize their health by scheduling regular skin checks, echoing the importance of early detection and prevention.

“I’m not diligent with sunscreen. I rarely wear sunscreen. I’m very silly. I just thought I am invincible,” Tammy Hembrow confessed.

Just a few weeks later, Hembrow returned to social media and shared bikini photos basking in the sun. Her fans quickly noticed the bandage on her leg from the cancer removal surgery.

“Come on mate. Change your ways to influence and save lives rather than push people to sun-bake,” they said.

In response to criticism, Tammy Hembrow defended her actions, stating, “Was in the sun for 15 mins. Also, I am still very much going to go in the sun, to the beach, to the pool, or even if I just want to read a book for 15 minutes in the sun etc. Just always going to wear SPF and not be out in the hottest hours with no protection like I used to. People are silly if they think I can never go in the sun in a bikini again…”

The fitness influencer confessed to delaying multiple skin checks due to being “busy.” Upon finally visiting the doctor, a small freckle was diagnosed as melanoma. In her TikTok video, Tammy Hembrow cautioned, “I’ve got about 30 stitches … And now I have to go back every three months for a full skin check to make sure that it isn’t coming back. Don’t be stupid like me and think you’re somehow invincible, because you’re not.”

According to the Melanoma Institute of Australia’s CEO Matthew Browne, melanoma is the most prevalent cancer among 20-39-year-olds. He underlined for Yahoo News, “We need to ensure the younger demographic understands the seriousness of melanoma, the seriousness of a disease that can ultimately kill you.”

Dr. Shreya Andric, a dermatologist, stressed the significance of sun protection and skin checks. Surprisingly, patients are often taken aback when she examines their feet. She cautioned,  “I like to remind my patients that Bob Marley died from a melanoma under the toenail of his big toe!”



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