This 25-year-old woman concealed her 600-plus tattoos with heavy makeup because of being body shamed… Here is how she looks after!

At just 16, Amber resolved to fully embrace her individuality, catalyzing profound transformations in her outward appearance throughout the subsequent eight years. Choosing to diverge from the stereotypical norms of adolescence, she embarked on an unconventional journey, embellishing her body with an array of tattoos and piercings.

Sporting characteristics like a forked tongue and captivating blue eyes, Amber has carved out a singular persona, leading to her being affectionately dubbed “Dragon Girl”.

Nevertheless, her path has been marked by hurdles, including a bout of temporary blindness following a daring eye tattooing session.

In spite of her audacious metamorphoses, Amber is currently on a quest to return to her innate state. She’s taken to camouflaging her tattoos with thick foundation, signaling a yearning to reconnect with her authentic self.

During a frank discussion, Amber disclosed that her journey to self-acceptance commenced with the adorning of tattoos, asserting that her present aesthetic eclipses her former one. Nevertheless, she admits to a wistful desire to rewrite her history.

Despite the trials endured along her path, both emotionally and physically, Amber stands firm in her satisfaction with her current visage, championing the virtues of uniqueness and self-expression in defiance of societal dictates.

Her loftiest ambition? To blanket her entire body in ink, a symbolic declaration of her unwavering dedication to authenticity and individuality.



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