Mum branded “toad” by cruel bullies over 6,000 tumors covering her body reveals dramatic transformation after undergoing surgery

In a poignant tale of resilience, Libby Huffer, 45, opens up about her lifelong battle with Neurofibromatosis, a genetic neurological disorder that has subjected her to relentless bullying and chronic pain.

From her early years, Libby endured the cruel taunts of playground bullies who branded her with hurtful epithets like “lizard breath” and “toad” due to the visible manifestations of her condition. Neurofibromatosis caused non-cancerous bumps to proliferate across her body wherever nerves were present, with the situation exacerbating dramatically during her pregnancy with her daughter Lindsey 23 years ago.

The physical toll of the disorder was compounded by the excruciating chronic pain Libby endured, to the extent that even a simple hug would cause her discomfort.

However, Libby’s story took a turn when she shared her plight on a daytime TV show “The Doctors”. Moved by her struggles, the show offered her specialist treatment to mitigate the physical manifestations of her disorder.

Last June marked a pivotal moment in Libby’s journey as she underwent a second electrodesiccation surgery to eradicate a thousand of the bothersome bumps on her face and the underlying tissue. Subsequent CO2 laser surgery followed to minimize scarring and smoothen her skin, resulting in a significant improvement in her appearance.

While the surgeries have provided Libby with a newfound confidence, her ultimate goal remains to foster understanding and empathy towards individuals battling Neurofibromatosis.

Despite the physical and emotional toll she has endured, Libby remains steadfast in her advocacy efforts. She launched the Facebook page “Faces of Neurofibromatosis” to provide a platform for individuals with the disorder to unite, support one another, and raise awareness.

Through her unwavering determination and advocacy, Libby aims to educate the community about Neurofibromatosis, fund further research into the disorder, and foster a supportive environment for those affected by it. In her journey, Libby exemplifies resilience, courage, and the transformative power of raising one’s voice against adversity.



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