The man overcame his melancholy and lost 450 pounds by telling himself: “Never give up on yourself”

In the depths of his physical and emotional struggle, Beau Griffin once contemplated ending his own life. His battle with weight had plagued him for as long as memory served, spiraling beyond his control until he found himself tipping the scales at over 700 pounds, a milestone he considered his rock bottom.

Living in Las Vegas at 39, Griffin recounted to the dark moments when thoughts of suicide crept into his mind, feeling like a burden to his loved ones. “It was a gradual descent into despair”, he recalled. “I entertained some dark thoughts, but thankfully, it didn’t consume me for too long. I realized that wasn’t the answer. I had to find another way.”

Fast forward to today, Griffin has shed an incredible 450 pounds, undergone skin removal surgery, and now claims to feel “a thousand times better”. His transformation earned him top honors in EoS Fitness’s “Submit Your Fit” event in 2023, celebrating the most inspiring fitness journeys among its members.

Reflecting on his journey, Griffin revealed how his upbringing influenced his relationship with food. Raised by overweight parents who inadvertently encouraged overeating, he found solace and celebration in food, especially sugary treats like cookies and ice cream cake.

His daily indulgences included multiple fast food meals with supersized portions and sugary sodas, pushing his weight to a staggering 735 pounds by 2014. Mobility became a luxury as he found himself confined to his bed more often than not.

The pivotal moment came when a friend confronted him, accusing him of selfishness for neglecting his health. “You’re like a ticking time bomb”, his friend warned, urging him to make a change before it was too late.

Taking his friend’s advice to heart, Griffin embarked on his weight loss journey, starting with small changes like cutting out sugary drinks, which led to his initial 100-pound weight loss. In 2015, he underwent gastric bypass surgery, reducing the size of his stomach and curbing his appetite.

With determination and perseverance, Griffin adopted a regular exercise routine, initially starting with gentle activities like walking and swimming to ease the strain on his joints. Over time, he progressed to weight training and cardiovascular exercises, eventually shedding over 450 pounds and reclaiming his mobility.

Despite facing setbacks like a blood clot and infections, Griffin’s journey has been transformative. He’s traveled to Hawaii, gone skydiving in Mexico, and found love, experiences he never thought possible before his weight loss.

Reflecting on his journey, Griffin offers advice to others facing similar struggles: prioritize your health, embrace consistency, and never give up on yourself. “You may feel trapped in darkness today, but with small choices, you can create a life beyond recognition”, he advises. “Just keep showing up, and things will get better. And if you’re there to improve them, they’ll improve even faster.”



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