Man Digging In His Backyard Makes The Last Discovery He Ever Expected To Find

John Sims moved to Tucson, Arizona, hoping to live a more quiet life. He never expected it to become one of the most unforgettable moments of his life. It all started when the former owner of his new home told him about a disturbing rumor.

Apparently, something was said to be buried somewhere on the property. John could not get it out of his head so he started digging in the backyard. What he discovered gave him chills. He definitely did not sign up for this.

The house with a mysterious backyard

When John Sims heard about a friend selling a house in midtown Tucson, Arizona, he was eager to get the deal. Since the owner was his friend, he knew he would be in good hands. But once the paperwork was done, his friend told him about a rumor about the property.

According to the elders in the town, they believe there was something mysterious buried somewhere in it. His friend never solved the mystery but maybe John would. As it turned out, John would uncover something and it will get the whole Arizona state talking.



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