Prince William provides a unique insight into Kate Middleton’s recovery…

After undergoing stomach surgery, Kate Middleton remained in The London Clinic for over two weeks until she was finally released and allowed to go back to her house. The Adelaide Cottage is where she is now recuperating. In addition to the assistance she receives from her husband, Prince William, and her children, the family also has a nanny, and it is said that Kate’s parents will be coming to see her in order to provide assistance.

For the time being, Princess Kate has chosen to keep her medical condition a secret. When Meghan had the operation and left the hospital, there has been very little information released by Kensington Palace on how she is doing. This is in addition to the official comments that have been made.

It was on Wednesday when Prince William broke his silence at an investiture ceremony that took place at Windsor Castle. There, he also had conversations with a number of the recently awarded MBE recipients, and during one of those conversations, William disclosed fresh information about Kate’s recuperation.



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