This woman walks outside in summer clothes and light shoes all winter. See why

In Togliatti there lives a beautiful woman named Galina, who walks in winter in sandals and in light summer clothes.

She claims that she does not feel cold at all and that way she heals against diseases. The mass media call the woman a real Snow White.

Galina Kutepova, a resident of Tolyat, has not worn winter clothes for more than 10 years and walks in the snow in sandals.

The woman actively manages her pages on social networks and publishes many photos of her winter walks in summer clothes.

Galina is 54 years old.

The woman works in a kindergarten as a teacher’s assistant. Galina told local blogger Yevgeny Halilova

that she started to get tougher in that way more than 10 years ago and stopped wearing winter clothes.

‘I will walk down the street like that because I don’t catch a cold. I don’t get cold in winter and I don’t get hot in summer either.

When everyone is tired at that time, I keep working, I don’t need a break. This is how my body is,’ says Galina.

The woman claims that the coldness helped her to stop the growth of the tumor. The couple has an adult daughter

who supports her parents’ hobby. Galina says that thanks to this lifestyle, she got rid of diseases and stopped visiting doctors.



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