Willie Nelson’s Log Cabin Sold for $2.14 Million, But Wait Until You See Inside!

Willie Nelson built his own house in Tennessee, which sold for $2.14 million after four months on the market. He has now retired. The house has three bedrooms and is located in a beautiful neighborhood. The mansion was destroyed by fire in 1970. Willie was brave to enter the flames in his cabin to save his guitar, Trigger, and a pound of marijuana. Willie Nelson will turn 90 in April, only three months after the transaction.

The country musician, who was just on Dolly Parton’s Christmas special, received the inspiration for his popular song “Shotgun Willie” from the house fire. Willie Nelson, the famed singer, built his own three-bedroom country home in Tennessee. It is abundant in natural beauty. Nashville, a large city, is approximately a 30-minute drive away. The 89-year-old musician’s Tennessee property has been sold for $2.14 million and is no longer for sale. Willie Nelson was spotted in North Carolina in September 2022.

The cozy house was listed for $2.5 million in October 2022 and was eventually purchased for around $2.14 million. Willie Nelson pulled prepared this gorgeous retreat entirely on his own. The country legend and the folks who live there now are said to be the only ones who have ever lived in the house. Willie Nelson used to reside on 150 acres of land, which had trees, a barn, and a few ponds. A step leads to a spacious wooden porch where you may sit and take in the scenery. The house is distinguished by its crimson roof.

As you enter, you’ll notice a bright and pleasant living room connected to a kitchen. The walls are covered in logs. Residents are made to feel at ease by the vaulted ceiling and exposed wooden beams.The log house was built by the country music star himself. It was listed for $2.5 million in October 2022. It is no longer available for purchase. Inside, there are adorable touches that make the cabin feel like a pleasant country house. The wooden ceiling beams and floor make the area feel more like a home.

In the kitchen, there are warm and classic wood cabinets and storage. Numerous windows let in plenty of light. A gold chandelier in the classic style hangs above the kitchen table. There are also two ceiling fans with wooden blades that complement the house’s décor. A large Persian red rug in the middle of the living room complements the smaller rug near the door. For the time being, the loft area on the second floor serves as a third bedroom.

It is accessible via a wall-mounted ladder. The house has only one bathroom.The room’s major appeal is the stone fireplace, which harkens back to the 1970s. It’s a significant aspect of the cabin’s design. Upper-Level Bedroom: The house has a lovely bedroom upstairs called a loft. A wooden ladder can assist you in reaching your destination. Inside the house, there are three huge bedrooms and one bathroom. It has a lot of room!

Reminisce nces of the Past: The house has some great vintage elements. The fireplace in the living room, for example, is composed of both wood and stone. It gives the place an old-world vibe to me.A wide plot of land with a wooden barn is located near the house. Rolling hills can be seen in the distance. There are trees and green spaces all around it for shade.

View from Above: When you look at the house from above, you can truly realize how much acreage there is. It’s a tranquil area away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The House Burned Down: The house burned down in 1970. Willie Nelson returned to the blazing house to salvage his guitar, Trigger, as well as a pound of marijuana. He was so daring that he earned the nickname “Shotgun Willie.” Following it, he wrote and recorded a well-known song by the same name.4

Willie Nelson’s old house burned down in 1970. That incident inspired his popular song “Shotgun Willie,” and he even titled an album after it. This is a photo of him taken in Texas in 2019. Outside the Cabin: There’s more to see than just the house. There are many trees nearby, as well as a wooden barn. There are additional grassy meadows and hills visible in the distance.

It’s a lovely location!Willie Nelson’s old residence is on approximately 150 acres of land, which is a pretty huge area. Furthermore, it is only a 30-minute drive from Nashville. Willie has some exciting news: he will be 90 years old in April! Guess what else?

He’s going to be in a film! The Sundance Film Festival will have the first showing of the cool five-part documentary “Willie Nelson And Family” on January 20, 2023. Oren Moverman and Thom Zimny, two brilliant directors, collaborated on this documentary. Willie’s life is depicted in the documentary, from the good to the bad and all in between. It discusses his personal life as well as his job as a musician in depth.



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